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Burning Codes at Grange Farm Studio




Light is energy, we are energy and we always have the potential to be able to discover more about our consciousness and our journey. Through trying to cultivate a focus on light, uplifting joy, thankfulness, compassion and empathy we can pursue the light, the joy and the adventure of this journey and the abundance of this energy.

This year has been a year of profound challenge and change and a year where there has been an ever growing awareness of the importance of where we direct our focus and our intention.

We are delighted to announce that Lightfinder is released on Oilbug Records.


New Burning Codes Album: Lightfinder

The brand new 4th album is in it’s final stages and all being well should be available from the beginning of June 2012, more details to follow folks so watch this space!

This album features new codes collaborators and includes Paul’s brother, Ivor Novello winning songwriter Iain Archer and mixes by Paul Wilkinson (ex Amazing Pilots and Dave Lynch).

Burning Codes recently played a special acoustic set for Sue Marchant of BBC Cambridgeshire 23/04/12 and will play an intimate performance at an upcoming House Concert at ‘ The Little Langthwaite Sessions ‘ in Aylesbury on 12 May 2012 and then Sunday 27th May at The Willow Festival, a free festival in Peterborough City!

See you soon for codemaking one and all!


Rivers Of Hope

The new Burning Codes album called ‘Rivers Of Hope’ will be released on 20/06/11 on Dublin Label Indiecater Records.

The tracklisting for Rivers Of Hope :

1. We Are Like Gold (featuring and co-produced with Iain Archer, solo artist, Ivor Novello winner, member of Tired Pony and Reindeer Section)

2. Last Time ( featuring and co-produced with Carey Willetts and featuring Steve Roberts)

3. Rivers Of Hope (featuring Nathan Connolly of Snow Patrol)

4. Switch ( featuring and co-produced with Carey Willetts and featuring Steve Roberts)

5. Our One Desire

6. The Ladder

7. Only Gone (featuring Nathan Connolly of Snow Patrol)

8. New Ground

9. A Lifetime

10. The Wild


Fast Forward: The World Cup Goes Indie

Irish music blogger and mp3 review site, mp3 hugger very kindly asked us to contribute a track to his new World Cup compilation album called ‘Fast Forward’.

The only stipulation being that the song be themed on their chosen country and if possible be football related. We chose Holland as we have many touring experiences from the ‘ Wooded Land ‘ (this is the meaning of the word ‘Holland’).

As you can imagine this definition was interpreted in about 32 different ways but the results are as colourful, imaginative and exciting as the event they will be used to showcase. You can purchase a copy of the compilation from indicator records for only 5 euros!

Fast Forward Album