Codes transmission begins…

Burning Codes is the solo project of Irish, Belfast born singer and songwriter Paul Archer,(Paul also contributed vocals to five tracks on Snow Patrol ‘Eyes Open’) the project also includes various sonic collaborators including Iain Archer (Solo Artist, Snow Patrol, Reindeer Section, and Ivor Novello winner).

Burning Codes music concerns our own unique messages, the codes which are truly ours, uniquely understood and owned by each of us, uniquely. The music is birthed from our moments and what we do with these moments, how we see, feel, react, encode and decipher the inner messages and the outer manifestations of what we feel, think and do.

Breathtaking… it kicks redemptive ass. Gary Lightbody – Snow Patrol

Your concept of intimacy and space is very interesting. Beautiful music, congratulations! Michael Rother – Neu/Kraftwerk

It is new music that sounds like nothing else around at the moment – beautiful, soulful, momentary paeans of glory, I kid you not. Iain archer – Solo Artist, Ivor Novello Award winner


Burning Codes are showing why it is sometimes better to lead by what comes from inside rather than follow what is going on all around. MP3 Hugger Review

Please read a fantastic article written by the good people at Moment Magazine


Light is energy, we are energy and we always have the potential to be able to discover more about our consciousness and our journey. Through trying to cultivate a focus on light, uplifting joy, thankfulness, compassion and empathy we can pursue the light, the joy and the adventure of this journey and the abundance of this energy.

This year has been a year of profound challenge and change and a year where there has been an ever growing awareness of the importance of where we direct our focus and our intention.

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