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Where is Your Mind?

Hi Friends, this is gonna sound a bit strange. I was thinking about “awe” and the difference between awe and wonder and the more I dwelt on this I once again came upon the feeling that, at times I get a real sense that everything is everything, sounds strange I know but it is like everything is everything all at the same time, past present future, non-local awe, profound connectivity, relationship, beauty?! I feel more and more that the stripping of ego that comes from real awe and the empathy rooted in true compassion could possibly be like some kind of “gate-less gate” (for want of a better descriptor) toward a greater, a sublime, immense connectivity?

We sometimes crave duality and yet we return to the fact that matter is not matter as we thought we understood it to be but modern science and the new revelations of quantum mechanics in science reveal that behind what we perceive to be matter is actually vibrating energy. What happens if you take this amazing concept of energy which never ‘dies’ it just transforms into other forms, other manifestations of itself. These words and concepts can be seen to be reductive, only a part of a much grander picture and still we only catch glimpses of something so much more profound so immense, so infinite?

Which brings me back to the awe and the beauty! Not sure why I’m sharing this but there we go?!?



Light is energy, we are energy and we always have the potential to be able to discover more about our consciousness and our journey. Through trying to cultivate a focus on light, uplifting joy, thankfulness, compassion and empathy we can pursue the light, the joy and the adventure of this journey and the abundance of this energy.

This year has been a year of profound challenge and change and a year where there has been an ever growing awareness of the importance of where we direct our focus and our intention.

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I thought it would be interesting to share some thoughts on why I wrote the new single “She’s The Only One For Me”.

I’ve been fascinated for some years now by what is going on in science and particularly quantum science which looks at the tiny tiny “energy elements” of our incredible universe.

When we look at the larger universe which we perceive ourselves to inhabit we are aware that our attention is the source of our creative process. We need to direct our conscious minds towards particular activities, thoughts, people, places, ideas, things… in order to experience these things, to turn these thoughts into reality if you like.

Using our attention and our intention and will we can actually build a constant energy toward the reality we want to create by focusing our thoughts, intention and will on where we want to be and believing that we are already there and “feeling” the experience inside ourselves of how it would be to already be there.

To feel the joy of new love for instance! She’s The Only One For Me was written about how we can actually use our conscious thought energy to change our reality when we recognise that the very tiny “quantum” (energy elements) nature of our experience of everything we call our life or “our reality” can be changed by using our intention, will, thought and action in this very moment to allow ourselves to focus, believe and “feel” in this moment , right now, how it would actually feel if we were already in a loving, nurturing relationship.

So, in the case of this song to allow our mind to “feel” how we would feel if we were in a secure, loving relationship and believe that this is possible.

By reasserting this feeling each day and directing our thought, intention and will to where we want to be and believing and feeling how it would be if we were already there in a deep, loving relationship we have the possibility of actually change our reality as the very tiny quantum (energy elements) that make up the building blocks of our universe have now been proved by countless scientific experiments to actually respond to our observation, our intention and our will on a profound level.

This concept of the wonderful prospect of being able to actively change our reality by concentrating our feelings, thoughts and will towards a feeling that we are already where we would wish to be can be applied to any situation in our lives and I wanted to share this in song with you.

This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase: YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT!!!!!

Strange you think but I would encourage you to try this

You can download She’s The Only One For Me on iTunes from the link below:


Burning Codes Valentines Party

Very pleased to be appearing at The Met Lounge, with Opaque, Paolo Morena and Blue Print. You are welcome to buy tickets from ourselves at a fiver, so just PM us if you would like to do that. Or it’s £6.00 on the door or you can buy tickets from the link below.

It will be a great night out and we would be pleased to see you all partying on Valentine’s Night with ourselves and these other superb artists.

Click on the poster to buy tickets:

Met Lounge


Burning Codes Single Launch

We are delighted to announce our Single Launch for ‘She’s the only one for me’ at Surya in London on the 13th January 2014. We will be joined on stage by Jonny Quinn from Snow Patrol and special guests are Iain Archer and King Kool. You can get your tickets here


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